Italian Pressed Sandwich

I’ve seen many variations of pressed sandwiches, or muffulettas, and thought it was about time that I tried one out for myself. As it was going to be a perfect beach day on Saturday, I ran into my favourite local Italian deli (Cioffi’s on Hastings) and picked up all my favourite items on Friday to make the perfect picnic lunch! Along with my pressed sandwiches, we feasted on balsamic onions, cherries, chips and my banana coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (which were delicious, recipe to be posted soon!).

I didn’t stick to a traditional recipe, instead I just picked my favourite meats and cheeses. You can really consider this sandwich a blank canvas – go nuts with whatever your favourite sandwich fillers are. Just keep in mind that everything is going to be compressed all night in the fridge, so fresh using veg isn’t really ideal. You also don’t want anything too wet, as you’ll end up with a soggy sannie the next day. And nobody likes a soggy sannie!

Erin’s Italian Pressed Sandwich

1 large ciabatta loaf
1 cup green olive salad
1 cup hot eggplant strips
4 slices provolone
8 slices good prosciutto
8 slices spicy salami
6 slices grilled marinated zucchini
4 roasted red peppers
Maldon salt & pepper

Start by slicing the ciabatta in half, and scooping out some of the bread to create a cavity in the loaf. I put the olive salad on the bottom, which I’d bought directly from the deli – if you’d prefer to make your own, you can absolutely do so. Then I followed with my cheese, veggies, meats and finally, a good grind of fresh black pepper and Maldon salt.

Place the sandwich on a plate and wrap the whole plate in plastic wrap. Without ripping the plastic wrap, place one large can on top of your plastic wrapped sandwich (use whatever you have in your pantry that will work, I used a can of tomatoes). Tightly wrap the plastic wrap over the can to keep the pressure on the sandwich. Place in your fridge over night, unwrap and slice the next day for lunch!

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